A Healthy Outside Starts on the Inside

Your pets deserve nothing but the best. That means providing them with nutrients you can trust. TruMune® postbiotic is a natural pet food ingredient found in many well-known brands made by professionals*. It’s simple: an advanced, natural health product for your four-legged friends that promotes more healthy days.

Optimize Immunity

Provide everyday immune protection for more healthy days.

Maintain a Healthy Microbiome

Promote a healthy microbial balance and healthy gut bacteria.

Support Vitality

Provide your pet with a lifetime of health and happiness.

A Pet Food ingredient Parents Trust

TruMune postbiotic is an advanced, natural immune support product made from a proprietary fermentation process and postbiotic technology that supports pet well-being and vitality. It is 100% natural, and the nutrients have been proven to support a strong gut, sensitive stomachs, and promote a healthier microbiome. Keep your pets healthy from nose to tail. Introducing a pet product pet parents can trust.

How Does it Work – Magic of the Microbiome

Your pets are unique. Their food should be too. TruMune postbiotic contains unique bioactive compounds that work naturally with your pet’s biology to support beneficial bacteria and balance the gut microbiome. That’s important because your dog’s or cat’s gut microbiome has a significant effect on their digestive system and overall health. A healthy gut means a healthy pet. With TruMune postbiotic, keep your best friend healthy from the inside out.

It’s time to go with your gut.

Dog Curious About Pet Food Ingredients
*as defined by AAFCO