Dog and Cat eating healthy food

Just like humans, pets need a balanced microbiome. The microbiome consists of microorganisms – including both desirable and undesirable bacteria – found in the digestive tract, or the gut. These microorganisms help absorb nutrients, protect pets from challenges, and improve the function of the immune system. A healthy microbiome is all about ensuring the perfect balance of bacteria, so what you feed your four-legged friends is crucial.

By using nutrition to target the microbiome, you can have a huge impact on your pet’s immunity and health. TruMune™ targets the gut to promote strong digestion and immune function.

Most of your pet’s immune system is found in their gut. That’s why gut health is linked to immune health. It’s also why probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics are an essential part in keeping your pet healthy. Probiotics are the “good” or “friendly” bacteria that promote a healthy digestive tract and work to break down and digest food. Prebiotics are fuel for probiotics, support their growth, and help the immune system keep bad bacteria under control. When you feed prebiotics to probiotics you get postbiotics. Simply put, prebiotics + probiotics = postbiotics.

TruMune is a leader in fermentation and postbiotic technology that creates unique immune support. Postbiotics work fast to sustain a healthy immune system, promote good bacteria, and maintain gut balance. This natural way to foster overall wellness delivers more healthy days for your best bud.

Life can be stressful – even for your pets. Whether it’s exercise, traveling, family, food changes, or environmental sensitivities, all these events take a toll on their immune system. This in turn can reduce energy for play, growth, or fighting off infection. It’s crucial to remember immunity is an important part in your pets’ lives. And a strong immune system starts with a healthy diet. The dual-action effect of TruMune supports both immune function and digestive health for optimal pet performance and wellness. Our product goes beyond the bowl helping your furry best friend feel their best.


TruMune is an ingredient included in many name-brand pet foods. You can see some of those products on our Find TruMune page. Check back often as we’re continually adding brands we work with.

Brands that contain TruMune will have the TruMune logo or name on their packaging or product website. TruMune will be listed on the ingredient panel as “yeast culture”.

TruMune is not sold separately.