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TruMune postbiotic is an ingredient included in many name-brand pet foods. You can see some of those products on our Find TruMune page. Check back often as we’re continually adding brands we work with.

Brands that contain TruMune postbiotic will have the TruMune postbiotic logo or name on their packaging or product website. TruMune will be listed on the ingredient panel as “yeast culture”.

TruMune postbiotic is not sold separately.

TruMune postbiotic has been thoroughly tested for safety in dogs and cats and is an ingredient accepted for use in pet feeds by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).

There are many strains of yeast. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the yeast used to make TruMune postbiotic, has been used for thousands of years to safely make many of the foods we love to eat, including bread, pizza crust, yogurt, and wine. This yeast is safe for use and unrelated to the yeast species that causes infections.

TruMune postbiotic is considered a natural ingredient based on AAFCO definition of the feed term ‘natural.’ In addition, it does not contain any corn, wheat, or soy. TruMune postbiotic is produced through a natural fermentation process using yeast, and is made in the United States at our Cedar Rapids, Iowa, production facility.

No. These are two distinctly different ingredients. Yeast culture (AAFCO Definition 96.8) is a very nutritionally unique and complex pet supplement ingredient, containing both residual components of the original yeast cells as well as a myriad of bioactive metabolites the yeast produces during the controlled fermentation process employed for its production. Conversely, brewer’s dried yeast (AAFCO Definition 96.4) is a by-product from the brewing industry wholly comprised of spent yeast cells. While generally a good source of protein, it lacks the myriad of fermentation metabolites intentionally derived in the production of yeast culture.