Elderly Man with Healthy and Happy Dog


TruMune™ by Diamond V® is an advanced, natural immune health product manufactured in the United States and designed specifically for dog and cat diets*. With more than 75 years of science, innovation, technology, and quality, we have earned the reputation of the Trusted Experts in animal nutrition and health.

We know being a pet parent isn’t simple. Sometimes your canine companions and feline friends can be a lot of work, and it can be hard to know what’s best to keep them happy and healthy. That’s where TruMune comes in. This research-proven ingredient that helps naturally optimize pet health is included in many major pet foods today. These pet food companies trust TruMune to provide immune and digestive support in their products, making it easy to give your furry friend the nutrition they need.

To help your pets live more healthy days with a higher quality of life.

To be the world leader in delivering natural, science-based, sustainable technologies that improve pet health and performance.

  • Fermentation: Proprietary anaerobic fermentation process and postbiotic technology that creates unique natural immune support products with multiple benefits for your pet.
  • Technical: Trusted team of experts transferring science-based knowledge and building relationships that result in trusted, enduring partnerships.
  • Research: TruMune has been tested and validated in controlled scientific studies conducted at universities and an internationally recognized independent canine research center.

Here’s to more healthy days with your best friend.

*as defined by AAFCO